Who is entvbox, the company

The product's trajectory and its services

In 2012, some of Shoric Edicions customers needed an infochannel solution, thus a content system for hotels was born, its first name: "entv", it was not until after some time that the first own software was created on its version 1.0 and it was updated until version 3.0. With the need to update or renew version 3.0, the decision was made to rewrite and completely remodel the system, lighting up entvbox Q, brilliant in its features, comfort, present and future possibilities.
Shoric Edicions:
Shoric Edicions is a creative and communication studio that was born in Mallorca in 1995, since then we are in constant creative and technological evolution to create the best product for our customers.

A team of collaborators with very particular visions and different methods of work, design and communication, create an alchemy from which the projects that are in charge of Shoric Edicions benefit. A long list of collaborators who come from different fields and disciplines, make up the core work and creativity of the studio.

Shoric Edicions unites new technologies and innovation to apply to our customer's businesses.
We combine our ideas and those of our clients, to achieve the projects that arise, to the most appropriate media or support: printing, applications, TV, multimedia, radio ...