A simple and intuitive interface to make your task easier.

In the entvbox Q app, the management of your content becomes more important and that is why the tools and menus are more within your reach. This way you will enjoy working in an effective way and without distractions, your time will stop being a problem and will become a new resource.

Players, manage them one by one, in groups or by premises.

Each player has a timeline of its own that allows you to send content without having to program it in advance, but you can also send the content to a premises, so all its players will broadcast the same content. You can also have groups of players regardless of whether they are in the same location or not even in the same time zone.

Playlists and media, visual libraries that help you to work.

The playlists have at their disposal all the media library, any media can be drag and drop on to the playlists that you created. In preview you can check how the playlist will be broadcasted before sending them to a player and also know their weight in Mb. Different media can be upload in one go, in addition, medias are organized by images, videos and music. All the elements: playlists and media, have the possibility to exchange premises ownership or share them with all your premises, if you have more than one premises and do not want to mix content of different users.

Track your players instantly.

The tracking list, indicates the playlist, media, schedules, player’s name, player’s location and the last date and local time that the players have contacted with entvbox net. An effective way to control their broadcast and if they are online, no matter where they are located, you will have them under control. In addition, the tracking information is also available in other sections of the app: showing the players status, whether they are online or not and the last date and time they were.

Collaborative work for effective users.

The entvbox Q user system

The user system allows you to assign a premises, group of players or an Area to a user, so a user can have their own media, playlists, ..., without mixing them with other users. But, in addition, with the "all premises" function, which is repeated in all app sections, all users can share content, schedules, playlists, etc., to collaborate with each other. The administrator can make all the items to be shared or change premises ownership.

Compatible with all hardware and systems in the market.

Broadcasting with entvbox Q

All smart TV models can be compatible, it can be broadcasted through the most popular systems on the market: macOS, windows, linux, android and iOS. We provide hardware with a pre-installed system and ready to broadcast. Or, if you prefer, you can use your own hardware, we also advise you with the choice of a system for your players or we prepare them for you, which best fits in your infrastructure and operativity.
entvbox Q opens a range of new possibilities for your channel info and digital signage: congresses, tourist guides, internal information, ..., you set the limit.

entvbox Q, simpler and powerfull.

For all types of businesses facing the public or with internal information needs.