entvbox q app, a powerful content manager

With a simple and intuitive interface.

Access the application online from any web browser anywhere by simply using your user and password.
Upload content from your computer in the most popular formats: mp4, jpeg, mp3 and pdf.  Create playlists, schedules, use widgets, ...
Players receive content the instant you set it in the app, with no delays it continues to play without stopping the broadcast.
- Acces from any browser.
- Players and premises have their own timeline.
- Media library by premises.
- Playlists.
- Widgets.
- Schedules by days or weeks.
- Player activity monitor
- Mobile application management, The Guest app.
- Premises selector.
- Help zone.
- Languages: Catalan, Spanish and English.
- Drag & drop features throughout the app.

app interface images.