entvbox apps

Software for entvbox services

entvbox Q:  the ultimate online application content manager. With uniquely designed software entvbox Q functions as  a broadcast system for Android featuring an optional application for mobile devices with iOS and Android support - The Guest App.
entvbox apps:
entvbox Q -> Used with any browser this online application allows the user to manage the players. Upload content, create playlists, use widgets, schedule by days or weeks, monitor player's activity and manage the mobile application - The Guest App using the same media library. It's simple, fast and intuitive.

Broadcast app -> Especially designed for Android, it has a configuration menu, which allows screen design, default startup ..., this application downloads the content on to the device and can broadcast offline.

The Guest App -> This application is designed for companies that need to inform their customers about offers, information, activities ..., with push messaging implemented, the activation of the app is optional.