Info channels and information screens system.

A powerful system to manage your content and its broadcast across your information channels and digital signage screens.

Manage your content

Access entvbox app Q. from any web browser.

Daily and weekly schedules

Broadcast your content at different times or days.

Players tracking

An effective way to control their broadcast and online status.

Compatible with all hardware and systems

All smart TVs can be compatible, allows to broadcast using the most popular systems on the market: macOS, windows, linux, android and iOS.

Broadcast with entvbox Q

entvbox Q offers several ways to broadcast your content, from our pre-configured hardware, our consulting and the use of hardware with other systems.

entvbox players

We have several options: Raspberry Pi with a Linux system installed, Nuc with Windows 10 and mini PC also with Windows 10.

Players consulting

If you already have your own devices, we can advise you and configure them.

Other systems hardware

If you have hardware with other systems, sure we can give it a broadcast use.

entvbox Q, how it woks

Access entvbox app Q wit your user, upload your content and send it to the players of your choice, that’s how easy it is.

entvbox Q app

Access the app online from any web browser and any place with your user.

Your content

Upload the content from your computer with the most popular formats: mp4, jpeg and mp3, create playlists, schedules or simply send, only, the content.

Your players broadcast instantly

Once you click on the cloud icon, your players receive the content, in a schedule or in a playlist, as you have configured it and instantly, without any delay they’ll start playing.

entvbox Q, simpler and powerfull.

For all types of businesses facing the public or with internal information needs.